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“Rarely have I seen a situation where doing less than the other guy is a good strategy.”

– Jimmy Spithill

Your Justice Is Our Priority

Flangas Law Firm maintains a team that is seasoned and skilled in case investigating, defense strategy and trial representation. We are results driven and have maintained a top-rated proven track record of successful, vigorous representation in every case where a successful outcome matters.


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Branches Of Civil Law

Contract Law

Contract law deals with agreements between two or more parties, each of which is obligated to hold up their portion of the agreement. 

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Tort Law

Tort law is a branch of civil law that is concerned with personal injury and civil wrongdoing. 

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Property Law

Property law covers both personal property and real property.

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Family Law

Family law deals with marriage, divorce, annulment, child custody, adoption, birth, child support, and other family issues.

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With decades of experience, We have the legal skills and know-how to do whatever it takes to help protect your rights and help you maintain your freedom. 

Flangas Civil Law

We made it easy to see why you should pick us for your legal representation. The graph below show our total cases and favorable outcome. Flangas Law Firm can put you in the yellow! 

  • Contract Law (favorable outcome)
  • Tort Law (favorable outcome)
  • Property Law (favorable outcome)
  • Family Law (favorable outcome)

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From Our Clients

See what our clients say about us. Read some real Google Reviews below: 

“I’m so glad and lucky to work with Leo Flangas. This man means what he says not like the majority of the lawyers out there all they want is your money, But Flangas is an honest man not to cheat you who fights hard for you and most of all keeps his promises, he’s got the knowledge and the experience to back all that up.”

Walid Soliman

Hi y’all. I was helped by Alicia and Leo. Amazing team and very professional, yet very personable. They ended up dropping charges in Vegas within a few months. I definitely recommend Leo and Alicia for any one needing an attorney in Vegas ! If I could give 10 stars I would. Thank you Leo and Alicia!!

Jessica June

“I met Mr. Flangas at the end of 2017. It’s 2019 and he and his staff are the most Amazing people I have ever ever done business with. He cares about his clients and takes the time out to listen and he truly cares sincerely. Mr. Flangas makes the saying great minds think alike a true statement.

Lisa Allen

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